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As I mentioned in my post yesterday, one of the top stupid things Obama has done is return Prime Minister Brown’s high-priced, collector’s item gifts with a set of 25 DVDs and toy helicopters. But, as stupid as this was, I haven’t heard anyone in the media besides the conservative talk-show hosts really talking about it or giving the story justice. Now, I’d like some honest opinions from conservatives and liberals alike. How do you think the media would have reacted if George Bush did exactly the same thing eight years ago? Do you think they would have reacted differently?

NOTE: Three years after first posting this, I decided to come up with an all new, updated list of Obama’s top five blunders… you can check it out here. Of course, you can also read the original post below…


Some of you may be surprised that I’ve gone so long without posting. I am a little myself. After all, within the last few weeks, there’ve been so many stupid things our new president has done; it seems that I would have found something to talk about by now. As a matter of fact, I think there’s just too much there to discuss. From the “stimulus” package, which is really just a bill packed with pork for senator’s pet projects to the lifting of the ban on embryonic stem-cell research, there’s just so much there to talk about. Asking a conservative like me to pick something to write about from the last month is like giving a starving man a menu. So, instead of picking one single subject, I’m going to pick my list of the five top stupid things that Obama has done since he was inaugurated. These are just in the order in which I’ve thought of them, not in the order of significance or stupidity.

1. The stimulus package. Now, this stimulus package, as far as I can tell, is basically a warmed-over “New Deal”. The government is spending $80.9 billion on things like highways and bridges, (bridge to nowhere, anyone?), high-speed rail systems, green energy research, removing lead paint from public housing, electric vehicle technologies, the list goes on and on. There’s even $650 million in there for “DTV (digital television) conversion coupons” (we’d hate for the American people to be deprived of their entertainment) and “DTV transition education”.

Now, here’s the thing about this bill. I haven’t read it. I don’t think many people have. Congressmen were forced to vote on it without even getting to read it, for crying out loud. But from what I can tell, this bill is 99% pork, from start to finish. I mean, this is just more government funding for government projects. This is the democratic congress spending tax-payer dollars on pet projects to advance their own agendas. Now, I’d like to take you back to the presidential debates, when McCain attacked Obama because of his wasteful spending. Remember what Obama said about pork? “I will go through those bills line by line” he promised over and over again. Now, here’s a bill that is almost completely pork, and he signed it into law without crossing a single thing out! Where’s Obama’s scalpel with which he promised to carefully trim out any spending that wasn’t absolutely necessary? I mean, DTV conversion coupons? How is that going to stimulate the economy?

Furthermore, this method of boosting the economy has already been tested, and it failed. Henry Morgenthau Jr., secretary of the Treasury to FDR had this to say about the New Deal:

“We have tried spending money. We are spending more than we have ever spent before and it does not work.”

“I say after eight years of this Administration we have just as much unemployment as when we started. … And an enormous debt to boot!”

Obviously, it didn’t work then. And if it didn’t work then, who honestly thinks it will work now?

2. Obama’s housing relief plan. Again, I’m foggy on this one, mostly because I have not had the opportunity to see the bill. But from what I understand, it says something like this. (I may not have the exact numbers right, but you’ll get the gist of it.) If you’re paying too much on your mortgage, the government will help you. If you can work with your bank to get your mortgage payment down to 38% of your annual income, then the government will match your bank dollar for dollar in getting your monthly payment down to only 30% of your income.

Now, not only is this plan totally stupid, (does congress think money grows on trees?), but it’s basically back-door socialism. Do people who went out and got mortgages that they couldn’t afford to buy houses beyond their means deserve to have the government swoop in and pay their bills? What about the people who bought the smaller, cheaper house on the bad side of town, which they could actually afford? Why should the government reward irresponsible people and punish people who bought the house they could actually afford?

3. Lifting the ban on government funding for embryonic stem-cell research. Bush, way back in 2001 banned government funding for embryonic stem-cell research, on the moral grounds that studying embryonic stem-cells destroys a human life. Now, it would be one thing if embryonic stem-cell research actually worked. But, despite what the liberal media will tell you, there has not been a single success in curing an illness with embryonic stem-cells. The only example of this technology being tried turned into a catastrophe. Doctors tried putting some embryonic stem cells into the head of a man, hoping they would grow to replace a damaged part of his brain. Instead, the cells grew into an uncontrollable tumor composed of hair and flesh.

Adult stem cells, on the other hand, actually work. They’ve saved many lives. So why does the president insist on destroying human life for a technology that has shown no signs of success, when we already have a technology that seems to be working wonderfully?

4. Throwing weekly White House parties. While Obama is spreading doom and gloom about the economic disasters supposedly created by Bush, he’s partying like it’s 1999. Between the Stevie Wonder concerts and the $100 per pound stakes, Obama’s sure making a pig out of himself on our tax dollars. Now, my question is this: With Obama going hog-wild with his parties, and spending more on the food for one meal then some Americans make in a month, does he really have any right to condemn corporations like Honeywell for buying private jets, (which, by the way, aren’t just for luxury’s sake. Corporations buy private jets because they need them, not because they want to pamper themselves.)?

5. Bungling his first meeting with the English Prime Minister Brown and family. Traditionally, when a new president meets prime minister for the first time, there’s a lot that’s supposed to happen, such as the two wives meeting for lunch, a press conference in the Rose Garden, the exchange of very expensive gifts, etc. But Obama completely and totally bungled it. He canceled the Rose Garden press conference, as well as a lot of other traditional events, including the formal dinner and reception. And while the Browns brought the Obamas incredibly valuable gifts, such as pen-holder made from the HMS Gannet (the sister ship of the HMS Resolute, the ship from which the Oval Office desk was carved), a first addition biography of Winston Churchhill, expensive dresses for the Obama girls, etc., the Obamas returned the favor with, (drum roll please), a 25 DVD set of American movies, and toy helicopters for the Brown’s boys. This comes after Obama sending back the bust of Winston Churchill to the British government, (given to Bush by Tony Blaire).

Now, I don’t know if Obama is trying to send a message or just being plain dumb in snubbing the British Prime minister. But either way, he’s being an idiot. The United Kingdom is our closest and strongest ally, and we don’t want to lose their friendship. I can only hope that Prime Minister Brown realizes that Obama doesn’t symbolize the feelings of the US.

So, there you have it. The five stupidest things that I could think of at the moment that Obama has done. I’m sure there’re truckloads more, but I have neither the time nor resources to comment on all of them. I can only hope that this pattern of stupidity does not continue.

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